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  About Anse Info!

Starting 1999 Anse Info makes its presence in Romanian advertising market by providing dedicated software ( ERP / CRM ) to outdoor and indoor panel advertising companies combined with Audit and IT & Organizational consulting.

At the beginning customer trust was based on Mr. Andrei Nicoara’ experience who established and owns Anse Info. He has been involved in outdoor advertising since 1995 as a member of several leading companies’ board of directors.

Marketed under ANSE logo Anse Info’ software products combine in an complete ERP and CRM set of software modules based on state of art IT technologies. Except to accounting, all business processes are supported and enriched regardless of advertising medium: outdoor and indoor panels or transit vehicles. Since 1999 several leading companies trusted ANSE software meaning over 60% of Romanian panels.

Also part of Anse Info’ offer, Organizational and IT consulting services were embraced by several start-up companies in order to obtain a sound organization, ready for future development challenges.


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