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Since 1999 our group of software applications generically named ANSE is helping managers of over 60% of the Romanian panels.

We implement modern technologies in an Enterprise Services architecture which allow our clients strong security, easy administering and complete mobility by using any part of ANSE over internet.

ANSE covers all needs except accounting. It is providing GIS services by integrating with Magellan, a product of a partner company.

ANSE Key Notes

Supporting sales by:

> offer generation with an algorithm ready to support all client requests and proactive to increase company gross-margin and occupancy rate. Following Romanian market all date intervals are arbitrary, no fixed cycles!

> clients database with contact information, track of previous deals outcome.

> prediction of occupancy rate per product and area in order to adjust the rate-card and development policy.

Supporting client-services by:

> building activity reports bundled with proof-of-performance pictures.

> managing penalties and settlements regarding quality of service. Statistics and dig-in reports.

> invoicing with calculation of appropriate taxes (advertising, health, VAT)


Supporting media management by:

> track of locations and panels

> managing location rent contracts, automated computation of owner fee taking into account sale value and interval, panel type and presence, deal-breaking fee limits.

> managing panels inventory, keeping track of each panel history of operations


Supporting corporate management by:

> supporting holding type organizations. Most of reports can be company oriented or can consolidate all advertising companies that are part of the organization.

> working with several currencies: ROL, USD, EURO

> numerous reports aimed to support management and strategy decisions.